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Introducing FLOW

Introducing the system that grows with your lab, offering the ultimate in flexibility and throughput. It offers complete workflow standardization and data automation for your entire lab developed testing process. By moving your sample information from your lab information system through all instruments with complete data safety and sample tracking, the FLOW Solution enables you to generate accurate results with less effort than ever before. Find your FLOW Solution.

Growing with the FLOW

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The Power of Community

Experience an enriched partnership

As the needs of the LDT community change, Roche responds. The FLOW Solution is the outcome of this collaboration, and represents a joint commitment to advancing diagnostic testing.



For labs looking at automating primary sample handling and PCR setup, the FLOW Flex builds from the MagNA Pure 96 and Roche qPCR Systems by adding one pipetting instrument,improving cost efficiency, error reduction and increased throughput.

FLOW Flex offers:

  • Throughput of up to 288 samples in an 8-hour day
  • Potential for expansion as your lab grows
  • Sample handling and PCR setup as a combined system for cost and space efficiency
  • Integrated software which connects instrument workflow with your lab’s LIS


FLOW Classic

The FLOW Classic creates a linear workflow to support your growth with a high level of throughput and confidence.

FLOW Classic offers:

  • Throughput of up to 384 samples in an 8-hour day
  • Two pipetting instruments for high throughput efficiency
  • Integrated software which connects instrument workflow with your lab’s LIS
  • A linear workflow

Introducing the FLOW Solution

See how the FLOW Solution can enable you to develop your lab, your way.