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FLOW Solution

Maximise your resources

Ensure a Seamless Workflow

By minimizing hands-on time with a full workflow and data automation, the FLOW Solution provides full traceability of your data and direct communication to your laboratory information system (LIS) across the entire process. This solution enables your staff to spend less time pipetting and more time doing higher value tasks.



Efficiency: Sample Monitoring and Error Reduction

The Roche FLOW solution software communicates between the systems in the workflow and connects to your lab’s existing LIS. The advanced barcoding capabilities of the system allow for easy sample tracking and troubleshooting, reducing errors and enabling better result safety.

Scalability: A solution that grows with your needs

The FLOW Solution delivers built-in scalability which can grow with your lab. Depending on your lab’s needs, the system can grow from a Roche Primary Sample Handling instrument, MagNA Pure 96, and LightCycler 480 to include a Roche PCR setup instrument, up to 3 MagNA Pure 96 Systems and as many as 5 Roche qPCR instruments.

With full instrument optimization, the FLOW solution can process 1000 Samples and report more than 5000 results in a single day.



Multiplex: Detect up to 5 targets and the internal control

The FLOW Solution allows 6-plex multiplexing to test simultaneously for 5 targets and an internal control in each well resulting in faster diagnosis and more efficient testing. Roche also offers CE-IVD assay panels optimized for the FLOW Solution. Faster results mean more accurate diagnoses and increased cost savings for your lab.

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