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MagNA Pure 96 System

Flexible nucleic acid purification

Designed for an accelerated workflow

The MagNA Pure 96 System is optimized for high-throughput nucleic acid purification-96 samples extracted in less than one hour. Requiring minimal setup with the help of prefilled reagent kits, preloaded protocols for a broad range of sample types and deck surveillance, the MagNA Pure 96 System maximizes productivity and dramatically reduces handling errors.

Accelerated Results

96 samples in less than one hour, parallel handling of all samples with 2 robotic arms, and set-up in less than 5 minutes.

Simplify Workflow

Ready-to-use prefilled reagents, pre-programmed protocols, minimal consumables, on-board barcode scanning for inventory, and intuitive graphical interface.

Minimized Handling Error

Corrective action guidance to detect errors, deck and volume surveillance, and contamination prevention features like UV lamp and drop catcher.

Take a look inside the MagNA Pure 96 System

See it in action.
Effortlessly process up to 96 samples in less than an hour using the MagNA Pure 96 System and optimize your laboratory efficiency.

Flexibility for the growing needs of your lab

The MagNA Pure 96 System is a core component of the Roche FLOW Solution which adds ultimate traceability and flexibility to your lab developed testing workflow.

The FLOW Solution delivers scalability, which can grow with your lab. Addressing your molecular testing needs, the FLOW Solution consists of the FLOW Primary Sample Handling instrument, the MagNA Pure 96 System, the FLOW PCR Setup Instrument, and a Roche qPCR System, all connected through the FLOW Software for paperless sample and data traceability.

Ensure result safety

  • Automate complex preparation and setup steps to reduce potential for error.
  • Rely on sample and data traceability throughout the entire workflow.


  • Enable your staff to spend less time pipetting and more time doing higher-value tasks.
  • Standardize your workflow for all your LDT assays
  • Easily manage seasonal fluctuations or outbreak situations


  • Reach your full potential by connecting up to 3 MagNA Pure 96 Systems and 5 qPCR Systems to process up to 1,000 samples per day and generate up to 5,000 test results

Outfit your entire workflow with quality Roche products

From high-quality kits and ready-to-use reagents, to nucleic acid purification and qPCR instruments, Roche products add efficiency and flexibility throughout your Lab Developed Testing workflow.