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Reagent and Assay Solutions

Choose from a variety of qPCR Reagents and CE marked pathogen detection assays which seamlessly integrate into your workflow and increase throughput by creating your own multiplex panels.

LightMix Modular CE-IVD Assays 
Manufactured by TIB MOLBIOL

Gastro and Respiratory CE-IVD Assay Panels

With the flexibility of running a single assay or a hexaplex panel, the LightMix Assays are changing the paradigm for pathogen detection. The panels are customizable for your needs and can improve efficiency by adding up to five targets and a control.

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Amplification Reagents




LightCycler® EvoScript RNA Probes Master

Single vial, high performance Master optimized for Roche’s qPCR instruments or cobas z 480 Real-Time PCR Systems. EvoScript RNA Probes Master products are designed for sensitive, high-specificity, high-precision one-step RT-qPCR, especially for gene expression assays.

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LightCycler® Multiplex DNA Master

Easy-to-use 5x reaction mix optimised for multiplex qPCR of up to 5 targets, compatible with the Roche's qPCR instruments or cobas z 480 Real-Time PCR Systems. The single vial master mix allows fast and convenient hot start qPCR without the need for up front polymerase activation incubation or any optimization of the MgCl2 concentration.

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LightCycler® Multiplex RNA Virus Master

One-step 5x RT-qPCR Master Mix for fast, sensitive and reliable multiplex detection of viral RNA targets and internal controls. Ideally suited for automated workflows, this mix combines a unique reverse transcriptase enzyme solution and the AptaTaq Fast DNA Polymerase which guarantees fast and highly specific one-step RT-qPCR of viral RNA targets isolated from a variety of human sample materials including those classified as difficult (e.g. blood, plasma, serum and stool).

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LightCycler® FastStart DNA MasterPLUS HybProbe

Easy-to-use hot start master mix for qPCR using HybProbe probes with the LightCycler® Carousel-Based System.

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Roche DNA and RNA Control Kits

Confidently Control from Start to Finish

The Roche DNA and RNA Process Control Kits are the only complete kits to include a control that monitors the entire workflow, from nucleic acid purification to real-time PCR.Correctly interpret and have complete confidence in your negative results – for a more efficient workflow, every step of the way.Roche DNA and RNA kits come packed with the features and benefits you need for superior performance.

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