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MagNA Pure 24 System

Open the possibilities of walkaway automation.

Designed for the real needs of modern laboratories

When it comes to molecular testing, confidence is everything. And it all starts with nucleic acid purification.

At Roche, we work to keep you confident by staying one step ahead of your evolving needs. That’s why we created the new MagNA Pure 24 System, a fully automated, IVD clinical sample extractor that combines primary sample handling and nucleic acid extraction.

Find More Flexibility

with variable sample volume inputs, mixed-batch extraction, and a single universal reagent kit.

Increase Efficiency

with fast load check and start up, prefilled and reusable reagents, and LIS connectivity.

Improve Surveillance

with contamination and safety control features, barcoding capabilities, and traceable software.

Take a look inside the MagNA Pure 24 System

See it in action.
Travel inside the MagNA Pure 24 System to follow a sample’s journey and see how you can be confident from start to finish.

Confidence built right in

Your laboratory deserves a system that works as hard as you do. One that can run the variety of samples you need to run. One you can set up and walk away from without risking result safety.

Your laboratory needs the MagNA Pure 24 System. Whatever the challenge, you have the flexibility, efficiency, and surveillance your testing demands.


  • Extract 24 samples in just over an hour, or 8 samples in 30 min.
  • Volume inputs ranging from 200 µL to 4 mL
  • Mix up to 10 human sample types in the same run


  • Start up in less than 5 min., load check in less than 30 sec.
  • One universal reagent kit, sealable for later use
  • Directed guidance for setup on touchscreen


  • Liquid level detection, UV light, and other contamination and safety controls
  • Barcoding capability to track samples ID and reagent usage
  • Traceable software with audit management trail

A legacy of reliability

For years, molecular testing laboratories have trusted the MagNA Pure family to dramatically reduce handling errors with reliable and simplified sample preparation.

As we continue to invest in our portfolio, we strive to address your distinctive needs. Our goal is to provide you more options and more flexibility, so you can develop your lab, your way.