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Lab Developed Testing Solutions

Sample Handling and Nucleic Acid Purification

Start exploring our portfolio of automated solutions for primary sample handling and nucleic acid purification today—and get the control, flexibility and confidence you need today and into the future.

FLOW Primary Sample Handling System

Automate your sample preparation

The FLOW Primary Sample Handling System enables maximum user flexibility. The system can accept both primary and secondary sample tubes of different sample types. The GMP manufactured system also offers clot detection, a closed housing, comprehensive process surveillance, and archiving functionality. The samples are pipetted into MagNA Pure 96 Processing Cartridges which maximize efficiency in the sample preparation process.

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MagNA Pure 96 System

Flexible nucleic acid purification

The MagNA Pure 96 is the ultimate in flexibility. It can be used for LDT and IVD applications. The system enables high throughput and fast turnaround time for nucleic acid sample purification. It processes up to 96 samples in approximately one hour with exceptional precision, purification efficiency and linear range while stable against cross-contamination. Plasma, serum or whole blood can be processed with only two different kits.

For in vitro diagnostic use.

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MagNA Pure 24 System

Enter a new world of productivity

The MagNA Pure 24 System is a fully-automated clinical nucleic acid extraction system that brings you walkaway automation, designed to minimize user intervention and extraction-to–extraction variability. In addition to providing quality purified eluates, the MagNA Pure 24 System offers onboard primary-sample handling and mixed-batch sampling for up to 24 samples per run.

For in vitro diagnostic use.

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MagNA Pure LC 2.0 System

Automated Nucleic Acid purification and PCR setup for up to 32 samples

The MagNA Pure LC 2.0 Instrument is a tabletop instrument which automates rapid preparation of nucleic acids and PCR setup of up to 32 samples per run. The magnetic-bead technology, combined with dedicated kits enables consistent isolation of high-quality DNA or RNA. The MagNA Pure LC 2.0 Instrument can precisely set up your downstream PCR/RT-PCR reactions while very stable against cross-contamination. The system is flexible enough to allow utilization of nucleic acids in a variety of different PCR reaction formats. Isolated nucleic acids and master mixes can be automatically pipetted into LightCycler® Capillaries, 96-well PCR plates, A-rings, or tubes.

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MagNA Pure Compact System

Nucleic acid purification with a small footprint

The MagNA Pure Compact System is an automated benchtop solution for versatile nucleic acid purification. With its small instrument size, extensive integrated features, and a sample throughput of one to eight samples per run, the system meets the nucleic acid isolation needs of laboratories with low to medium sample throughput. The MagNA Pure Compact Instrument incorporates a variety of experimental protocols using different specimen amounts (100 - 1,000 μl) and elution volumes (50 - 200 μl) from a wide variety of sample materials (blood, blood cells, serum, plasma, tissue or cultured cells). The barcode reader allows for sample tracking and documentation of kit information. Pre-filled reagents and disposables, synchronized stage movement, an integrated HEPA filter and UV decontamination help to save time and minimize contamination risk.

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High Pure Nucleic Acid Kit

Isolates highly purified viral nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from mammalian plasma, serum or whole blood.

The High Pure Viral Nucleic Acid Kit efficiently purifies viral nucleic acids from serum, plasma or whole blood using sample volumes of up to 200 μl. When using whole blood as starting material, total nucleic acids are isolated, including viral nucleic acids. The purified viral nucleic acid is eluted in nuclease-free water, and is suitable for direct use in PCR and RT-PCR. The kit allows simultaneous detection of both DNA and RNA viruses and removes inhibitors that might interfere with downstream assays, ensuring greater assay specificity, sensitivity and reproducibility. Obtain a concentrated sample, be able to scale the procedure to accommodate samples with low viral loads and save time with a kit that prepares multiple PCR/RT-PCR templates in just minutes.

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