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The future of lab developed testing (LDT) starts here

Four Steps to LDT Standardization

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How multiplex PCR can drive down costs for your lab

Looking for creative solutions that enable you to do more with less?
Learn how multiplexing can help your lab operate more efficiently.

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Insights article: Stay in control

Taking control of the workflows, systems and end-to-end staff support is vital to success in your LDT environment.

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The Roche FLOW solution

Discover how the Roche FLOW solution can give your lab developed testing environment the optimal workflow standardization and data automation you’ve been looking for.

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Maximising ROI with your nucleic acid extraction system

What should your lab look for in a nucleic acid extraction system?
There are three things that need to be kept in mind.

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Customer success story: Labor Berlin

Learn firsthand how one Roche LDT customer was able to keep up with growing throughput while enabling new levels of flexibility and automation.

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Insights article: Be efficient

There are many benefits to implementing a standardized LDT workflow—but greater efficiency may mean the most for you bottom line.

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Introducing Roche DNA and RNA Process Control Kits

Now experience true confidence and complete control over your testing results with the only control kits that monitor the entire workflow. Discover the Roche difference today.

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Lab connectivity: streamlining workflows to improve quality and productivity

Learn how you can benefit from an automation system that meets your needs and processes more samples in less time.

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Insights article: Adapt quickly

Flexible LDT solutions are key to helping clinicians adapt quickly and effectively in a constantly changing environment.

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Insights article: Improve speed

The ability to respond quickly and effectively to the need at hand, is what will set your LDT environment apart from the rest.

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Roche announces launch of FLOW solution

Learn how this comprehensive offering enables standardized workflows with improved convenience and data automation for high volume labs.

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